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Using Stumbleupon to drive crazy traffic to your blog


Are you aware of Stumbleupon to get traffic to your blog? If yes then how much traffic are you getting from Stumbleupon each day and if not then you are at the right place in this article you will find the best possible ways you can use to drive crazy traffic to your blog from Stumbleupon.

Now you are thinking is Stumbleupon really a crazy source of blog traffic and the answer is Yes it is.

I just got this Strategy and now i am sharing this strategy with all of you. You can check one of my Traffic experiment from stumbleupon Here.

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Using stumbleupon i got this much Real time in just 2 mins using this simple trick.

Get traffic from Stumbleupon

Follow the steps given below to get maximum traffic from stumbleupon:-

  • Firstly go to Stumbleupon link submitting page. It will look like the image below
how to get traffic to my website
  • In the section of ‘Web page address’ add your page URl which you are going to get traffic on
  • Choose suitable category and add tags  according to your post category
  • Now add a suitable comment in write a comment section.
  • Now click on Add this page
  • You will see quickly traffic rolling in to your blog
  • If you want to get more traffic then add some more links

Keep in mind that don’t add too many pages in one day and don’t use stumbleupon ultimately for your blog traffic otherwise your Bounce rate will rise up

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