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Attract Crazy Referral Traffic from Reddit to your blog – Ultimate Guide


Are you Getting Traffic from Reddit to your Blog? If yes then Which way you are using Black hat or White hat?

If you are not using Reddit to drive traffic to your blog then read this article and i am Damm sure that at the end you will be able to drive traffic from reddit to your blog.

Here i am sharing both Black hat and White hat methods to drive traffic from Reddit that you will use to get traffic.

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Truly saying everyone can get traffic from Reddit if they know the method about driving traffic from reddit ;) If you do not know the methods, they you can not get traffic from reddit at any cost.


What makes me to write this Guide

After Sharing the Real time screenshots of my blog of getting traffic from Reddit, I got many messages regarding this method,

I just got pissed off. So I thought to write this guide about getting traffic from Reddit Easily :)

Get Traffic from Reddit

There are several legal and illegal methods to get traffic from Reddit. Here i will concentrate on both the ways to get traffic.

Using White Hat Method

For white hat method mainly you have to get some ‘karma‘ to get your posts reached to most people in Reddit and hence you will get most exposure to your blog.

It is not as easy as it is looking.

You will have to work hard to get karma but once you are able to get it then you can drive awesome amount of traffic and perhaps traffic will convert into Regular Readers if your blog has Quality posts.

Now you are thinking how to Increase karma. Basically Karma is calculated by the number of upvotes you get on your link.

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To get more upvotes upload something funny like a funny pic or upload something Controversial or Trending. This can increase your karma in a short span of Time.

Join this group on facebook to get Upvotes – Redditors

After Increasing your karma you can share your blog post’s link under suitable subreddit and get some exposure to your post.

This is How you can get traffic using white hat method. Not let’s roll on to the Black Hat Method

Using Black Hat Method

Meanwhile i tell people the white hat method everyone is asking me about the Black hat method, as they are interested more in Black hat(Which is awesome and not much time consuming :) ) So here is the trick.

Firstly you have find some subreddits which are most used  like WTF and Funny Sub reddit and change one of the word in your post title and post it in reddit.

After posting gather some upvotes from your friends. You can also put your link in this Facebook group and ask for some upvotes(But you also have to be active in the group) – Redditors.

Just Post your link in this group and other bloggers will surely upvote your reddit and you will get decent amount of traffic.

Note : Don’t share too often or too much in a day otherwise your IP will be blocked and then you will not be able to drive traffic from Reddit

That’s it! If you have any doubts or queries then comment below.