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Filelinked App Store APK – Latest version Review


Filelinked is a revolutionary alternative solution for the Google Play Store with millions of apps.

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Apparently, Filelinked is a 3rd part App store with both Google Play store apps and other apps.

So this platform is an all in one terminal for both app users and application developers.

What Are The Apps That You Can Get From Filelinked Store?

As we said, this app store has a combination of apps available on Google Play store and Apps that are not available in the play store.

So now, you might be wondering as to what are the apps that are not available in Play Store.

If you really explore the internet, you will find that the number of apps not available in the Play store is significantly higher than the Google Play store’s apps.

Therefore, Filelinked Store is a centralized platform to get both of these apps from a single source.

There are various reasons for certain types of apps being unavailable in the Google Play store.

For example, If the app developer does not accept the Google Play store terms, he might opt to stay away from that.

So, in that case, he may make available a particular app in other sources, such as in a Filelinked Store.

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Best Features of Filelinked Platform

Filelinked is an open-source platform for everyone, so it’s free for users as well as app developers.

If you are an app developer, you can maintain your own sub store within this platform.

So that you can upload all your app development to your stores, and users can download them directly from there.

Further, you have to register for a free account if you an app developer.

So that, you will be assigned a unique code for your store.

In addition to that, Filelinked does not work in the form of searching application names and download them as you do in the Google Play Store.

There is a separate application code assigned for each application, and you have to search by that code to download an app.

For example, if you want to download the PUBG android game application, there is a separate code (e.g., 4579225) like this.

So you have to head over to filelinked platform and search for this code in order to find out the PUBG android app and download it to your android device.

Filelniked is an android application. Therefore, you can get it only on the Android operating system only.