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Best Tactics to Get Likes on Facebook Page


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Many People Asks me that How they can Increase Likes on their Facebook Page or Increase Facebook Likes for Free.

So Today it’s my First Article on this Blog on How to Increase Likes on Facebook Easily and Freely.

There are Many Ways by Which you can Get Likes on Facebook free, you can use Services like Addmefast, Like4like etc but they are not Worth your time.

The Likes Coming from these Sites are all from Fake Users. So i Recommend you to not Use Services to Increase your Facebook Likes.

Below are Some Awesome ways Listed. If you want to Know that How to Increase Likes on Facebook page then Read this Article.

How to Start your Blogging Journey Smoothly to Get Success

So Here are Some Points.

Get Likes on Facebook Fan page

1.Post Frequently

You have to Post Normally 3-4 Times a Day when your Fans are Online, to Get High Engagement from your Fans. More Likes and Shares of your Posts from your Fans can Get your Page More Likes as the Post Liked by your Fans can be Seen by their Friends.

You can Check when your Fans are Online in the Insight Section.

2.Do Share for Share

You can Do Share for Share with Others Pages under your Niche(Topic) to Get Many Likes on your Facebook Page.

You also have to Share their Page on your page. In this Way both of you will be Benefited.

This is the best way to Drive Likes on your Facebook Page.

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3.Comment on Well Reputed Page Post’s

Sometimes while commenting on Other’s Page Post, Add your Page link to the Comment to Get Benefited and Drive Likes to your page.

A live Example of this is Given Below:-

4.Ask Questions

You can Ask Questions to your Fans on your Page to Get more Talking and Engagement as Question post Get 100% more Engagement.

As I have Above Mentioned Good Engagement Leads to New Likes.

So Staring Asking Questions to your Fans.

5.Add Facebook Like Box to your Blog

If your Blog has High Traffic then you can Drive Massive Traffic to your Page too using this Method, Install a Facebook Like box on your Blog and Get Likes on your page Easily.

This is the Easiest way to Get likes on your Page. For me This Works.

6.Invite your Friends to Like your page

You can Also Invite your Friends to Like your Page You can not Get Thousand of Likes by this Technique but it will Help you in the Start.

For Doing this you can go to your Page and on the Upside there is an Option to invite Others to like your Page.

7.Give Credits to your Page

Whenever you post Something Give Credits to your Page to Get your Friends Like your Page.

This is also a good way to Get likes On your Fan page. You can see an Example Below.

So By using these Methods you can Drive Massive Traffic to your Facebook page and Get Likes on Facebook. 

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