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How to Start your Blogging Journey Smoothly to Get Success


Do you want to Opt Blogging as your Career, and Don’t Know Much About Blogging,

Then you have Arrived the Best Place to Get Success in Blogging by Smoothly Starting your Blogging Career.

If you want to Get Success in Blogging then you have to not do any Mistake at the Start of your Blogging Career.

If you do so, then you Blogging Career will be Ruined. This Post is for the Newbie Bloggers who are Struggling to Get Success in Blogging.

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In this Article I will be Covering Some Topics like 

How to Create a BlogHow to Start Blogging and Some Good Blogger Templates to Choose to Get better Response from your Blog Readers(SEO Responsive Blogger Templates). So Here we Start.

What to Choose? Blogger or WordPress??

People Get Confused under this Topic, they Don’t Know what Blogging Platform to Choose for Starting their Blogging Journey.

I Recommend you to use Blogger at Starting as Blogger is Easy to use, Have Easy Features and When you Get Expert in Blogging then Move to WordPress.

Using WordPress is Complex so I have Recommended you to use Blogger at Starting.

There are Many Free Bloggging Sites but I will Strongly Recommend you to use only Blogger platform.

How to Create a Blog

Now, If you have Decided to Create a Blog then Follow these Steps to make your Own Blog.

You can Later Transfer it to a Hosted Domain. Follow these Steps to Get to Know how to Make a Blog:-

  • Firstly, Go to BLOGGER.COM, then Click on NEW BLOG. It will Look Like this
  • After Clicking on New Blog, A Window will Appear, In this Window Type the Title and URL of your Blog According to you and Select a Theme and then click on Create Blog. Your Blog is Now Created. You can post on your Blog by Clicking on New Post in the Dashboard Section of your Blog, A Live Example is Below.
How to Write a Blog Article

What to post on your Blog?

Now, I think a Question is Arising in your Mind, that is “WHAT TO POST ON YOUR BLOG?” Really this is Bit Confusing, But Once you Start you will feel that Blogging is not That Hard. You have to Choose Best NICHE(Topic) which Suits you like My Niche is “BLOGGING,SEO Tips, Social Media Tips etc” like this you also Have to Choose your Niche of your Passion.

Like Some people like to Blog on Movies, Some like to Blog on Gaming, Some like to Blog on Facebook Tips.

If you  Choose your Niche according to you then you can Easily Get Success in Blogging.

I have Seen Many Blogger’s out There, who are not Passionate about their Niche and Fail in their Blogging Career and Get Depressed.

So I will Highly Recommend you to Blog on the Topic you are Passionate about or otherwise you will Get Failed in your Blogging Career.

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Some SEO Responsive Blogger Template

Choosing the Best SEO Responsive Template is very Necessary, If you don’t have the Right Template you can lose many Visitors. Below is a List of Some Good SEO Responsive Blogger Templates you can use on your Blog:-

  • Elice Responsive Blogger Template
  • Minimum Responsive Blogger Template
  • BResponsive Blogger Template
  • Maggner Blogger Template

It is a List of Some Good SEO Responsive Blogger Template which you can use on your Blog to Get Good User Response.

Focus on Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

From the Starting of your Blogging Career you have to Focus on SEO, It is the Process of Ranking your Content well in Search Engines. There are Two Types of SEO:-

  • On-Page SEO – This process Include Methods you can do while you are Writing your Article Like Writing Good Content, Keyword Research, Better Search Description, Choosing Labels Wisely, Meta Tags and Description, Using Keywords Wisely.
  • Off-Page SEO – This Process Contains Method you can use when you have Written your Article, this is Mainly used to Promote your Content to Gather Readership to your Blog. It Include Blog Commenting, Directory Submission, Link Building, Article Submission, Social Bookmarking, Search Engine Submission and Much More.

Now I think you have Learnt the BASICS OF BLOGGING. If you have any Doubts, Queries or your Thoughts about Blogging then Don’t Forget to Leave your Comment below.

We are here to Review Each and Every Comment as We Know the Cost of your Time.