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Lumii App – Easiest Photo Editor App Free Download For Android


With Lumii App photo editor, your smartphone can now be a professional camera in your hand.

With a host of different filters, effects, and colors to choose from, you can customize your photos with ease.

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Lumii the perfect tool for novice photographers or seasoned professionals looking for an easier way to edit their shots.

What Is Lumii App ?

Lumii App is a new photo editor app for Android that can make your photos look professional, just like the pros.

App Features: – 9 different photo filters- 4 different text designs and colors to choose from

– Adjustment tools for lighting, contrast, saturation, and more- Color filters: red, green, blue and black and white.

Use Lumii App to: Remove unwanted objects from your photo, adjust colors and textures, add filters.

This is a new photo editor app designed specifically for your Android device and it’s the most advanced, yet easy-to-use photo editor app on the market.

The latest update to the app includes: * New filters including Black and White Camera, Customize Color Camera and Film Glow Filter (Bokeh) effects!

* Exposure adjustments for exposure slider moved to the bottom and with this, you can do more than ever before with your photos.

This is a photo editor app that lets you edit your photos in a fun way and it has all the features you would expect from a professional photo editor and includes effects for making your photos look like oil paintings, melting wax sculptures, or watercolor paintings.

There are filters and effects that turn your photo into a drawing, a painting, or some other work of art.

Lumii App has an easy-to-use interface with modern tools that are similar to Apple’s Photos app.

Like Photos on iOS 10, this lets you do things like adjust the brightness of your image or remove red-eye from people in photos.