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Nox player Download | Best free Android emulator for Windows and Mac


Nox Emulators were developed to make it easier to transfer software and programs from one device to the other. This capacity is even more important today that the bulk of internet transactions are conducted via mobile devices. Almost all of the time, this is still the case today.

nox player download

The ability to get a free Nox App Player for Windows PC is advantageous since it enables users to see and execute mobile phone programs on a computer. This program is intended to run any Android OS application on a PC. Windows will be utilized as the reference operating system.

What Are the Windows System Requirements for NoxPlayer?

Here are the system requirements for the Nox App Player.

Operating System

While a single instance of the Nox Player is supported ever on older Windows XP and Windows Vista, running multiple instances requires the latest version of Windows 10, Windows 7, or Windows 8.


The Nox App Player requires at least an Intel or AMD dual-core processor. However, for running 2 or 3 instances, it is recommended to use multi-core processors that support VT-x or AMD-V virtualization technology.


The Nox Player is a lightweight application. A single instance requires only 1.5GB RAM (Random Access Memory). However, it is recommended to use 4GB RAM while running multiple instances.


NoxPlayer requires 1GB of free space in the installation path and 1.5GB of hardware space.

Graphics Acceleration

While there are no minimum requirements specified for GPU (Graphics Processing Units), it must support Open GL 2.0.

Features of Nox App Player for PC Laptop Latest Version

  • It is available for Both mac and windows to Download
    Fast and Smooth: Run this software smoothly on your Computer without any lag.
  • Simple UI: it User interface is simple and having easy navigation within the software.
  • Multiple Instance: You can create multiple instances and switch between them with one click.
  • Gamepad/controller: Supports gamepad controller
    All the playstore Apps and games are compatible with Nox App Player.
  • Record videos while games or using App using the inbuilt screen recorder.

Installation guide

The installation guide is as simple as you thought after downloading the Nox Player application on your system or PC. You have to click on the setup file in the download section. Soon after clicking on the setup or .exe file, a prompt will appear on the screen.

You just have to follow instructions that appear on your system screen until the prompt disappears and the installation process starts. Then, just sit back and wait for it to complete. There you go; the file has been installed.