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3uTools: All-in-One iOS Device Manager for Windows


Introducing 3uTools, a software exclusively designed for Windows users. This application runs efficiently on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Users with any version from Windows XP to Windows 10 can access its features. Interestingly, for it to function at its best, iTunes is essential. Don’t worry if you don’t have iTunes; 3uTools takes care of it by downloading it automatically for you.


Features of 3uTools

This tool is more than just a file manager for iDevices. Here’s what you can do:

  • 3utools Manage apps, photos, music, videos, and more.
  • Effortlessly back up data, create ringtones, or convert videos.
  • Gain insight into your device with details like battery life and storage space.
  • Moreover, there’s a specialized toolbox. Within it, you can:
  • Jailbreak your device with a single click.
  • Backup SHSH.
  • Manipulate the baseband.
  • Clear unwanted files.
  • Use a virtual location feature.
  • Record your iPhone screen on a computer.
  • Exit the Recovery mode easily.

Device Support

Every Apple device user can benefit, be it an iPhone or an iPad user. It’s noteworthy that even the latest models like the iPhone SE 2 and iPad Pro 4 are compatible. Transferring data from an Android? No problem, 3uTools has got you covered. Moreover, this software aids in flashing firmware and offers various jailbreak tools. As a bonus, it has an IPA signing feature with a one-year validity.

Additional Tools and Utilities

There’s more in the basket. The software:

  • Incorporates iPhone Helper, simplifying data migration.
  • Contains a Backup module, ensuring thorough data backup.
  • Lets you monitor the backup progression.
  • Enriches user experience with features like real-time logs, photo compression, and more.
  • Helps in system functions like restart or shut down.
  • 3utools Makes downloading wallpapers, games, and apps a breeze.
  • Although it depends on iTunes, there’s an inbuilt utility for any driver-related needs.
  • Enables app installations on iDevices without needing a PC.
  • Helps in disabling iOS software updates.

3uTools Tutorials

Wondering how to use it? Here are some steps:

Backup and Restore with 3uTools:

  • Plug in your device to the PC.
  • Opt for the Back up/Restore option in the toolbox.
  • Decide on the backup style.
  • Kick start the backup process.

Setting a Virtual Location:

  • Link your iPhone with the PC.
  • Pick VirtualLocation in the toolbox.
  • Enter your chosen city.
  • Adjust your virtual locations accordingly.

Entering Recovery Mode With 3utools:

  • Attach your iPhone to the PC.
  • Opt for Enter Rec Mode within the toolbox.
  • Patiently wait for the iPhone to reboot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 3uTools secure?

Absolutely! It’s tested against leading antivirus solutions.

Can it remove iCloud locks?

No, you’ll need different tools for bypassing.

Curious about jailbreak tools?

Just connect your device to explore.

How much does 3utools cost?

It’s freeware, so no expenses on your part.

Who’s behind this tool?

The talented 3uTools Team. They provide support across multiple platforms.

Can Mac users access it?

Not directly. But, using virtualization software can be a handy workaround.